You will have three decisions when altering fractions to decimals. The tactic you utilize is dependent upon circumstances and/or what you are attempting to perform.

If you’re in a rush to get a solution, then the simplest and quickest means is to make use of a calculator supplied that you’ve one in your possession and you’re allowed to make use of one.

Instance #1:

Suppose you need to convert 3/50 to a decimal. Simply hit the buttons 3, ÷, 50 , and = in that order on the calculator. You possibly can then simply learn off the reply as 0.06.

Altering fractions to decimals by in search of an equal fraction that change the denominator to an influence of ten.

Suppose you wouldn’t have a calculator or you aren’t supposed to make use of one. Then I believe that is the following best solution to convert fractions to decimals since it’s comparatively straightforward to vary the denominator to an influence of ten in lots of circumstances.

Energy of 10 signifies that your denominator will look one thing like 10, 1000, 10000, and so forth… 

Allow us to illustrate this methodology with three examples.

Instance #2

Change 3/50 to a decimal

3 over 50 to decimal

Discover that fifty was multiplied by 2 to get 100. Simply keep in mind that no matter you do in your denominator, you must do it in your numerator.

Instance #3

Change 2/5 to a decimal

2 over 5 to decimal

Instance #4

Change 4/125 to a decimal

4 over 125 to decimal

Discover right here that 125 was multiplied by 8 to get 1000 as a result of 125 × 8 = 1000

Due to this fact, when doing these issues, one of many massive challenges is to search out the quantity that it is advisable to multiply the denominator to get 10, 1000, 10000, and so forth

You will discover it by doing division. As an example 1000/125 = 8 

If you happen to wouldn’t have a calculator, then you may additionally carry out lengthy division.

That is my least favourite methodology as a result of lengthy division may be exhausting and time consuming.

Instance #5:

Convert 3/50 by performing lengthy division

Long division of three divided by fifty

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