The parts of a vector are the ensuing vectors after the projection of the vector on the x, y, and z axes. For instance, should you venture the vector proven in blue under on the x-axis, the part will lie on the x-axis.

A technique we will simply discover the parts of a vector is by placing the tail or
preliminary level of a vector on the origin of a coordinate system. Allow us to venture vector A proven under in blue on the x-axis and y-axis.

We discover the parts by drawing perpendicular traces from the pinnacle or terminal level to the axis. The vectors proven in purple are the parts of vector A.

Components of a vector

Ax and Ay are the parts of vector A.

The method of discovering the parts of a vector known as resolving the vector

Equations for the parts of a vector

Some easy trigonometry may help us discover some equations for the parts and the angle t.

Ax = A cos(t)

Ay = A sin(t)

The parts of a vector are given by

Ax = A cos(t)
Ay = A sin(t)

To search out the magnitude of A, we will use the pythagorean theorem.

A = √((Ax)2 + (Ay)2)

To search out the angle, use tan(t) =


An actual life instance exhibiting tips on how to discover the parts of a vector

A drone leaves a home and is later sighted 8 kilometers away in a route making an angle of 60 levels north of east. How far east and north is the drone from the home when sighted?


The important thing thought right here is that we’re given the magnitude (8 km) and the angle or route (60 levels north of east) of the vector. 

Now we have to resolve the vector or discover its parts.

Put the vector in an xy coordinate system and for comfort, the origin is positioned on the home.

Components of a vector

Ax = A cos(t)

Ax = 8 × cos(60)

Ax = 8 × 0.5

Ax = 4 km

Ay = A sin(t)

Ay = 8 × sin(60)

Ay = 8 × 0.866

Ay = 6.928 km 

Ay is carefully equal to 7

The drone is 4 kilometers east and seven kilometers north of the home.

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