Discover right here many vital first grade math ideas taught in first grade. Academics, mother and father, and math tutors may use them as a suggestion for instance a math lesson or to show vital expertise that youngsters are alleged to know in first grade math.

Equal components or equal shares

The orange circle has 2 equal components

The blue circle has 4 equal components


The primary array is fabricated from soccer balls
The array has 2 rows and three columns
2 × 3 = 6 balls
The second array is fabricated from squares.The array has 3 rows and 4 columns
3 × 4 = 12 squares



Quarter = one-fourth = 1 of 4 equal components

A quarter

Associative property

Associative property

Closed determine

All sides of a closed determine are related.

Closed figures

Hour hand

The hour hand takes 1 hour to maneuver from a quantity to the subsequent

Hour or hr = 60 minutes

Hour hand


An estimate shouldn’t be the identical as a precise reply. We simply want a quantity near the precise quantity. To estimate the variety of marbles, we simply must learn about what number of

Attainable solutions: 15, 14, or 17


Commutative property
Whether or not 2 is written first or not, the reply to 2 + 1 continues to be 3

Commutative property

2-dimensional figures

2-dimensional shapes

Kinds of clocks

Types of clocks


A dice has 6 faces, 12 edges and eight vertices. The dice on the fitting reveals 3 faces with the colour pink, blue, and orange.


A number of of 10

Counting up

Begin at 3 and depend 2 extra to achieve 5

Counting up

Extra vital first grade math ideas


A quantity signifies what number of or how a lot. A numeral is used to characterize the variety of objects. For instance, after counting the pencils on the fitting, we get 4. We use the numeral 4 to characterize 4 pencils.

A number

third-dimensional shapes

3 dimensional shapes are stable shapes which have width, size, and top.

3-dimensional shapes

Make 10

Make 10

Minute hand

The minute hand takes 5 minutes to maneuver from a quantity to the subsequent. 

1 minute = 60 seconds
5 minutes = 300 seconds

Minute hand

Completely different

The 2 triangles are completely different, however they’ve the identical form.

Different size triangle

Counting down

Begin at 6 and depend backward to achieve 2.

Counting down

Composite form

The arrow on the fitting is a composite form since it’s constituted of 2 primary shapes (a triangle and a rectangle)

Composite shape

Gathering information

Collecting data


An expression has no equal signal


1 penny = 1 cent
1 nickel = 5 cents
1 dime = 10 cents
1 quarter  = 25 cents

2 dimes + 1 quarter + 3 nickels = 60 cents



Equation at all times have an equal signal. The quantity on the left aspect is the same as the quantity on the fitting aspect.



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