A metric conversion chart will assist you to convert any metric unit to a different with ease. Study the chart beneath fastidiously! You is probably not conversant in it, however an understanding of it’ll make it straightforward to do conversion.

Utilizing the chart beneath, we present the which means of those symbols beneath:

  • The which means of km is kilometer; okay stands for kilo and m stands for meter.
  • The which means of hm is hectometer; h stands for hecto and m stands for meter.
  • The which means of dam is decameter; da stands for deca and m stands for meter.
  • The which means of dm is decimeter; d stands for deci and m stands for meter.
  • The which means of cm is centimeter; c stands for centi and m stands for meter.
  • The which means of mm is millimeter; The m on the left stands for milli and the m on the suitable stands for meter.

You possibly can write dam both as decameter or dekameter. Each spellings are appropriate!

Listed here are some metric conversion methods I discovered whereas I used to be in center faculty.

Instance #1

Say as an example you need to convert 5 meters to millimeters.

Simply put 5 within the column the place it says meter(m). Then, going from left to proper, add zeros till you get to millimeter(mm). The desk beneath illustrates this.

5 meters to millimeters

5 meters = 5,000 millimeters or 5 m = 5000 mm

Instance #2

Now, convert 4 dekameters to decimeters. Simply put 4 in dekameter and add zeros till you get to decimeter.

4 decameters to decimeters

4 dekameters = 400 decimeters or 4 dam = 400 dm

Instance #3

Convert 8 cm to meter. Put 8 in cm. Add 0 till, you get to meter.This time, you’ll go to the left as a result of meter is on the left aspect of centimeter.

Simply do not forget that whenever you go to the left, you must use a decimal level.

8 centimeters to meter

8 centimeters = 0.08 meters or 8 cm = 0.08 m

Instance #4

Convert 660 centimeters to meters.

Put 0 in cm, 6 in dm, and 6 in m. Once more, you’ll go to the left since meter is on the left.

The reply is 6.60 meters

660 centimeters to meters

Instance #5

What if the quantity is larger or equal to 10? For instance, how would you change 56 meters to millimeters?

Right here, simply ensure you put 6 (the unit place) in meter!

56 meters to millimeters

Then add zeros till you get to millimeters.

56 meters to millimeters

56 meters = 56000 millimeters or 56 m = 56000 mm

Instance #6

Convert 758 millimeters to kilometers

Place 8 in millimeter and add zeros till you get to kilometers.

758 millimeters to kilometers

758 millimeters = 0.000758 kilometers or 758 mm = 0.000758 km

One other approach to convert 660 centimeters to meters

660 centimeters is the same as what number of meters?

1 meter = 100 centimeters

If it was 600 centimeters as an alternative of 660, you would simply get the reply.

Discover that 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 = 600

So you will have six of the 100 centimeters and 6 100 centimeters is 6 meters.

Now what’s left?

60 centimeters.

This can be a fraction of 100 centimeters or 60/100 = 0.6 and it’s lower than 1 meter.

The reply is then 6 + 0.6 = 6.6 meters.


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