Momentum and collisions are carefully associated in physics as you’ll clearly see on this lesson. Collisions happens in fact when objects collide. To maintain issues a bit easy, we are going to deal with the collisions of two objects on this lesson.

How are momentum and collisions associated?

The legislation of conservation of momentum is the legislation that relates or brings collectively momentum and collisions.

The legislation of conservation of momentum

two objects collide within the absence of exterior forces, the web momentum
of the objects earlier than the collision is the same as the web momentum of the
objects after the collision. Mathematically, we are able to write the equation beneath:

web momentum (earlier than collision) = web momentum (after collision)

Do not forget that momentum = mv

Subsequently, the next equation is legislation of conservation of momentum:

web mv (earlier than collision) = web mv (after collision)

Sorts of collisions

There are two kinds of collisions. The primary kind is elastic collisions and the second kind is inelastic collisions.

What are elastic collisions?

a collision happens between two objects and the objects aren’t
completely deformed and no warmth is generated, we are saying that the collision
is elastic. The phrase elastic most likely got here from the truth that whenever you
stretch an elastic band, it’ll all the time return to its unique form
as an alternative of being deformed.

Usually talking, elastic collisions don’t happen completely since some warmth is normally generated throughout collisions. When objects collide with out being completely deformed and with out producing any warmth in any respect, we name this case a superbly elastic collision. Nevertheless, completely elastic collisions aren’t more likely to happen in the actual world.

To resolve issues involving elastic collisions, we might want to
assume that the warmth generated is negligible. We are able to additionally use two
marbles since marbles aren’t normally deformed completely after

We are able to take into account a few instances. The 2 instances beneath
assume that the plenty of the marbles are equal. The opposite necessary
factor to bear in mind is that no momentum is loss or achieve in the course of the
collision. As a substitute, the momentum is just transferred. Within the instance beneath, the blue ball will switch all its momentum to the inexperienced ball.

Case #1: Blue marble is shifting towards inexperienced marble whereas inexperienced marble is at relaxation.

Discover that after collision, the blue marble is at relaxation whereas the inexperienced marble is now shifting.

Suppose that the blue ball has an preliminary velocity equal to v earlier than hitting the inexperienced ball. After hitting the inexperienced ball, the blue ball could have a velocity of zero and the inexperienced ball will now begin shifting with a velocity that is the same as the preliminary velocity (v) of the blue ball. 

Actual life examples of elastic collisions

  • A billiard ball that’s shifting collides head-on with one other billiard ball that’s at relaxation.
  • A ball is thrown on the bottom. The ball bounces again to your hand.
  • The collision between two marbles
  • The collision between two atoms

Case #2: Blue marble and inexperienced marble are shifting towards one another. 

Elastic collisions

Discover that after collision each marbles transfer away from one another.

Moreover, suppose that the blue ball has an preliminary velocity equal to vb and the inexperienced ball has an preliminary velocity equal to vg earlier than hitting or colliding with one another.

After colliding with one another, the balls will alternate velocity. After the collision, the blue ball could have a velocity that is the same as the preliminary velocity of the inexperienced ball or vg and the inexperienced ball could have a velocity that is the same as the preliminary velocity of the blue ball or vb.

What are inelastic collisions?

In inelastic collisions, the objects colliding will likely be deformed or distorted. Nevertheless, after they collide, they will both mix collectively to kind a single unit or they will bounce off one another.

This normally occurs throughout car accident. Generally, one automobile
hits one other automobile, will get caught to that automobile, and preserve pushing it for a
couple of minutes earlier than coming to a full cease. Different instances, the collision is
head-on and the vehicles bounce off.

Actual life examples of inelastic collisions

  • A freight automobile strikes in direction of one other freight automobile after which they collide. After the collision they mix collectively to kind a single unit.
  • A truck colliding with a tree. The truck is deformed and comes to a whole cease.
  • You injury the wall after punching it.

Collisions normally happen with some exterior drive. For instance, billiard balls won’t proceed to maneuver indefinitely after being given some momentum. Friction created by the desk and the air will decelerate the ball.

Now you might be prepared to unravel some momentum and collisions phrase issues.


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