The method for energy is just not the identical because the method for work. The
method for energy is the ratio of the work performed to the time it takes to
get that work performed.

As you possibly can see, energy is the speed at which work is completed. One other strategy to say that is , ” How briskly are you able to get the work performed? “

Energy =  

work performed
time interval

Say for example you possibly can carry a load weighting 30 kilos to the third flooring in 10 minutes.

Nonetheless, your spouse can carry the identical load to the third flooring in 6 minutes.

Then, your spouse is extra “highly effective” than you as a result of it takes her much less time to do the identical quantity of labor. Get off the couch and go to the fitness center!

Check out the method for energy once more. To get the ability, no matter
the work is, divide by the point it takes to carry out the duty. Say for
occasion the work is 100 joules. We present what the ability is for various
time intervals beginning with 1 second.

Discover that because the time will get larger, the ability will get smaller. This straightforward
math computation reveals clearly why the ability is much less when the time
interval is extra.

One other good strategy to see what energy is to think about an car.

We often say that automobile x is extra highly effective than automobile z.

We’re in fact referring to the quantity of labor the engine of the automobiles can do in a timeframe. 

The engine of automobile x might be capable of do work that can take the automobile from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 10 seconds.

The engine of automobile z, alternatively, might be capable of do work that can take the automobile from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5 seconds.

On this case, automobile z is twice as highly effective as automobile x.

Energy in fact doesn’t all the time confer with how briskly you are able to do one factor in comparison with one other factor. It might additionally imply having the ability to do extra work in the identical timeframe.

Earlier, we talked a couple of spouse having the ability to carry a load weighting 30
kilos to the third flooring in 6 minutes whereas the husband might solely do
the identical in 10 minutes.

If the spouse can carry a 60-pounds load to the third flooring in 3
minutes whereas the husband can carry solely 30 kilos to the third flooring in
3 minutes, the spouse remains to be extra highly effective than the husband. 

the identical token, if automobile z can do 0 to 120 m/h in 10 seconds whereas
automobile x can do 0 to 160 m/h in 10 seconds, we are saying that automobile x is
extra highly effective than automobile z. 

One other method for energy

To see why the work performed is the same as the power multiplied by the displacement, please assessment the lesson about work. 

Energy =

work performed
time interval

Energy =

Drive × displacement
time interval

Energy = Drive ×

time interval

Energy = Drive × velocity

To see why the speed is the same as the displacement divided by the point interval, please assessment the lesson about velocity.

Unit of energy

The unit of energy is the joule per second or watt. The unit is known as
after James Watt who developed the steam engine. If you are able to do 1 joule
of labor in 1 second, that’s 1 watt.

Kilowatt and megawatt are additionally used as items of energy.

  • 1 kilowatt  = 1000 joules per second.
  • 1 megawatt  = 1000000 joules per second.
  • 1 horsepower = 0.75 kw = 750 joules per second.
  • 200 horsepower = 200 instances 0.75 = 150 kw.

Horsepower is used rather a lot to charge or measure the ability of an engine.

Give it some thought!

An elevator is changed with a brand new elevator that has twice the ability of the outdated elevator. How a lot higher a load can the brand new elevator carry in the identical period of time? If the brand new elevator lifts the identical load, how a lot sooner can it function?

When you nonetheless can not discover the solutions by yourself, click on right here to see the answer.


The elevator that delivers twice the ability will carry twice the load in the identical time.

If the brand new elevator lifts the identical load, it could do it in half the time.

Energy quiz

This energy quiz will enable you see in case you perceive the which means of energy
in physics. After finishing this quiz, you must be capable of clearly
see the distinction between energy and work and develop into acquainted with some
of the items used for energy. You may have to make use of a paper and pencil to
full this quiz.

My suggestion is to first learn this lesson about what energy is in physics after which take this quiz with out utilizing a calculator.

Goal of the quiz:

  • Know what energy is
  • Know the method for energy.
  • Know the items used for energy .
  • Discover some actual life examples of energy.
  • Know find out how to convert horsepower to kilowatts 
  • Know find out how to convert joules/s to kilowatts
Take a look at your information with the quiz under:


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