A centripetal drive is any drive that makes an object observe a round path. In truth, the that means of the phrase centripetal is ” middle in search of ” or ” towards the middle “

There are lots of actual life examples of this drive. Check out the next examples.


Whirling ball

Think about utilizing a string to spin the inexperienced ball you see above.
In accordance with Newton’s first regulation of movement, the ball ought to have stayed
in a straight path. Nonetheless, this isn’t the case. The ball follows as an alternative a round path as a result of the string is pulling the ball again
towards the middle or towards the black dot. With out this drive, the ball
won’t revolve. As an alternative, it might simply transfer alongside a straight line.


Gravitational drive

gravitational drive is directed towards the middle of the earth. This
drive can also be a centripetal drive retaining the moon in nearly round
orbit across the earth.


Automobile driving round a curve

When a automotive
drives round a curve, there have to be ample frictional drive in
place between the tires and the street to offer the required centripetal
drive. In any other case, the automotive will skid as an alternative of going across the curve.  

Is there a formulation for the centripetal drive?

To search out this drive, you should utilize Newton’s second regulation of movement.

F = m × a

m is the mass of the thing

a is the centripetal acceleration
given by the next formulation. We are going to show the formulation for
centripetal acceleration in one other lesson.

Centripetal acceleration =


Centripetal drive formulation

Centripetal drive = F =

m × v2

  • The unit of centripetal drive is Newton or N.
  • The unit of mass is kilogram or kg.
  • The unit of velocity or v is meter per second or m/s
  • The unit of the radius or r is meter or m

An instance exhibiting the way to use the centripetal drive formulation

A automotive with a weight of 1000 kg goes round a round path that has a radius of 400 meters with a velocity of 20 m/s. What’s the centripetal drive exerted on the automotive?

F = mv2 / r

F = [1000(20)2] / 400

F = [1000(400)] / 400

F = 400000 / 400

F = 1000

The centripetal drive exerted on the automotive is 1000 Newtons.


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