Velocity is just not precisely the identical as velocity. Preserve studying to see the distinction between the 2.

The velocity is simply how briskly a automotive is transferring with out considering its path. In case you are wanting on the speedometer and also you see 50 m/h, that is simply the velocity of the automotive that you’re driving.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to have each velocity and path as a way to have velocity. 

  • If an airplane travels 200 miles per hour, we’re speaking about its velocity.
  • If an airplane travels 200 miles per hour to the east, we’re speaking about its velocity.

Definition of fixed velocity 

A velocity is fixed if the next two circumstances are met.

  •  The path is fixed 

Fixed velocity implies that the thing is transferring on the identical velocity or doesn’t go sooner or slower.

Fixed path implies that the trail is a straight line.

It might make sense to you why the thing shouldn’t transfer sooner or slower as a way to have fixed velocity.

It may not make sense why the trail must be a straight line.

Merely put, if the path is just not a straight, the path will change.

For instance, as a result of the trail is just not fully straight, the inexperienced dot beneath adjustments path 2 occasions.

The primary time the path adjustments is on the blue line and the second time is on the black line.

Change of direction

The identical factor will occur if the trail is a circle. The path will change continually. 

In circular motion, the direction keeps changing

You may see from the determine above that the inexperienced dot modified path 3 occasions.

Any object transferring on a round path won’t ever have a continuing velocity as a result of the path of the thing adjustments each instantaneous. Nonetheless, the thing might have fixed velocity. 

Discover that from the definition of velocity, you’ll be able to see that a velocity is altering each time the velocity, the path, or each are altering.

Once more, even when an object strikes at fixed velocity round a curved path, it doesn’t transfer at fixed velocity. 

If you end up your speedometer and also you see 65 miles per hour and your automotive is in cruise management, you’re seeing fixed velocity.

You aren’t seeing velocity for the reason that speedometer doesn’t know your path.

automobiles are outfitted with a compass. In case you mix your speedometer with
the studying on the compass, then you’ll have fixed velocity if you’re on cruise management and you’re heading straight in the identical path.

Velocity quiz

This velocity quiz will check your data of velocity and velocity.
After finishing this quiz, it is best to be capable of clearly see the
distinction between velocity and velocity. You’ll not want to make use of a
paper and pencil to finish this quiz.

My advice is to first learn this lesson concerning the definition of velocity after which take this quiz with out utilizing a calculator.

Goal of the quiz:

  • Grasp the which means of velocity.
  • Grasp the which means of velocity.
  • Grasp the distinction between velocity and velocity.
  • Grasp the which means of fixed velocity.
  • Grasp the which means of fixed velocity. 
  • Grasp the which means of velocity, velocity, fixed velocity, fixed and velocity with concrete, actual life examples. 

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